Want to love who you see in the mirror? Lose fat? Gain Muscle? Become a nutrition ninja? Get ready for a competition?

Whatever your goal is, we help you reach it and become the best version of yourself!

Alpha Nutrition gets you real results that are sustainable, keeps you accountable, and understands the need to be flexible.

Here is what we provide:

An experienced, certified personal nutrition coach that creates an individualized plan and keeps you accountable

Individual nutrition plan tailored to your specific goals with a custom tracking sheet plus educational resources


24/7 access, education and support


For years I tried diet after diet, meal prepping and lists of dos and don'ts to follow, Whole 30s and cheat days all to avoid actually taking the time to learn what the scary word "macros" meant and how to eat them! Ashley was not only an excellent coach but also a patient teacher. She helped me understand how macros weren't scary at all but a perfect way for a type A like me to achieve weight loss and keep it off while eating what I need and planning for what I want! In just 6 weeks I surpassed the goal I set for myself and felt leaner, healthier, more energetic and confident! 

-Jessica G.

I have been working with Ashley since the beginning of 2018 and have achieved great success with her coaching!  I came to her frustrated and almost ready to give up.  I love the accountability and knowledge from this process so far.  I have changed my whole perspective about food and don’t feel deprived of the things I enjoy eating.  I know how to balance everything now.  Our weekly check-in conversations are amazing! I always feel inspired to keep going, learn something new and am reminded of what great progress I am making.  I feel the best I have in years!!   Ashley is patient, supportive and always there for me.  I can reach out with questions anytime and she is always there to help.  I have lost over 25 pounds, competed in two triathlons, run a Ragnar race and am now training for a half marathon – all with her help!!!  She helps prepare me to fuel properly for these races and it has worked perfectly every time!  Oh, and for the first time in a long time, I felt comfortable in a swimsuit this summer!  I am learning how to meal prep, grocery shop and so much more!  All this will help me going forward when I am on my own, I know I can maintain what I have achieved! 

-Amy S.

I began working with Ashley as a nutrition coach this past spring after struggling to see results in the gym, despite my best efforts!  Ashley helped me learn to be able to maintain my 'real life' while still progressing towards my goals.  Through her coaching & guidance, I was able to learn and follow a flexible program and sustain it even thru the busy summer months, which included several vacations/holidays, and not feel like I was being cheated or having to miss out.  I am thrilled to see her expanding her services and offering customized meal prep options, as this is an area she excels in but can be daunting for a newbie!

-Melissa H.


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