Meal Prep vs. Food Prep: Which do you need?

In the age of being long on commitment and short on time, how do you ensure that you meet your nutrition goals? There are a few methods to help you reach your goals, but the holy grail of time savers is Meal Prep or Food Prep. You may be thinking, “Aren’t they the same thing?” The answer, no.

Both serve as time savers, offer consistency, reduce anxiety and stress around food choices, and can save money.

So, How do you know which is right for you?

Meal Prep

Are you on the go a lot throughout the week? Do you like putting your meals on autopilot so you don’t even have to think about it anymore? Are you okay with eating the same few meals throughout the week? Are you only prepping for yourself?

Yes? Then meal prep is likely the best option for you. Meal prep allows you total control over you meals in advance. Not only do you prep the food, but you package all of your meals up individually so all you have to do is re-heat (or not) and eat!

Food Prep

Do you have a more flexible schedule? Do you enjoy variety every day? Do you have other members in your household who will also be eating the prepared food? Are you a fan of creating different meals on the fly with what is available?

Yes? Food Prep will be your best bet. Food Prep involves making individual meal components ahead of time so that when you go to eat, everything is already cooked, you just have to mix and match what you want to eat.

Where do I start?

No matter which route works for your schedule, there are a couple of guidelines that will help you be successful in the preparation department:

  1. Set a time to do your preparation each week. For most people, this falls on a Sunday or Wednesday, but do what works for you schedule and aim to keep it consistent.

  2. Decide what meals or foods you will be prepping. This part becomes easier with more experience, so if you are a new to the game, I encourage you to take it slow and keep it simple.

Decide which works best for you and start your adventure!